... but don't feel obligated to read my boring ramblings over the next 2-7 weeks. However, if you don't want to read my story you should at least scroll to the bottom, I've included pictures!

So here's the deal: I'm writing this partly because my blog is a journal, in form, and mostlybecause I'm bored out of my eyeballs and will be for the next 2-7 weeks.

Lately my blood pressure has been spiking higher than my doctors like to see, so I have been having biweekly ultrasounds and checkups to see how me and the baby are doing. Last Saturday, one week ago today, my bp was perfect and they sent me on my merry way. This Wednesday I had an appointment I was planning on making right before I was to head out on a family vacation to Disneyland. I had no doubt in my mind that everything would be fine for travel. I feel 100% healthy.

They started with the ultrasound and our sweet little baby girl seems to be doing perfectly, as usual. I was excited to hear that she is weighing in at 3 lbs. 9 oz. Happy Stacie. Unfortunately, when my bp reading was 168/114 I was immediately checked into the hospital for 24 hour monitoring of myself and the baby. The doctor told me that if I had another high reading like that in the next 4 hours I would be classified with severe preeclampsia and sent to the Idaho Falls Hospital for delivery. Suddenly 3 lbs. 9 oz. was horrifying. This triggered tears, as you can imagine. I want to see this baby, but not 9 weeks early.


-Once they put me on bed rest at the hospital my blood pressure leveled. No emergency delivery.

- I feel great. Physically, I feel perfectly healthy. Emotionally, I know that these doctors are doing everything that they can to keep us safe, I couldn't ask for a better team on my side.

- After 24 hours at the hospital they were able to send me home (which was a relief because they thought I might be there until I delivered).


- Although I am home, I am on "strict bedrest". This means I'm only allowed to stand up to use the bathroom or move from the bed to the couch (we don't have a couch). I'm not even allowed to go to the kitchen to make myself a pb&j or load some dishes. I am allowed one short shower a day, but they encourage that I take baths instead.

- I have pregnancy induced hypertension. The only way to treat that is to deliver the baby, and we don't want that yet.


- Everything is a balancing act between keeping my blood pressure down and holding off delivering this baby as long as we can.

- I am currently 31 weeks along and the doctor said their goal is to hold off delivery until AT LEAST 33 weeks if possible. Every week, even every day, makes a world of difference in her development. They told me I will not have this baby past 38 1/2 weeks, but it's not likely that I'll make it that long.

***Random Fact - 1/4 of pregnancies are classified as "high risk" or "at risk", and of those, 70% of those moms are put on bed rest of some form, at some point in their pregnancy***

On a much happier note, with all of the ultrasounds that we have been getting we've heard countless compliments about how fantastic our little munchkin is doing.

"She's developing right on track"

"We like seeing big movements like that, it means she's developing muscle. We get much more excited to see them tumble around than to see a simple flick of the wrist"

"Your baby's heartbeat is incredibly stable and strong for 30 weeks"

"Wow. Can you see her breathing?" (This one was my favorite, the doctor literally had a look of amazement as we watched her breathe. I'm glad to know her lungs are impressive, because they develop last)

We've also gotten several confirmations over the past few weeks that she is definitely a she.

These are her feet at 22 weeks.

This is her hand at 28 weeks - all five fingers! I don't know what her hand is on.

This is her face at 31 weeks - we got to see her suck her tongue. If you can't see her face, tilt your head to the right. You can see her eyes (although there is a funny shadow that makes her look like a pirate), nose, lips, chin, and cheeks.

(T: my father-in-law thinks she looks like your girls. I think it's her cute little chin and cheeks)


Hayley said...

Good luck, Stace! Hope everything goes well!

trish said...

Oh I am so glad everything is okay...we are praying constantly for you and that little one :) We love you, we missed you so much this weekend...but of course we want you and that baby at home resting to keep you both safe.

Heather said...

We are praying for you and our little niece. Love you so much! Call me when you are about to die of boredom and I'll think of a funny joke or something ;)

Jana said...

I could SWEAR I already commented on this post... anyway, I hope you already know that I love you and we think about you all day everyday! Thanks for taking such good care of yourself and our little neice! See you in a few days!