Evidence of God's existence is in everything. I once heard somebody support this by using an orange as their example.

Oranges grow on trees, available to pick and ready to eat. They are preserved from their harsh environment with a removable peel. Once peeled, they are even pre-sliced for our convenience.

As I sit here eating a delicious orange I can't help but feel gratitude for a God who loves me so much he has offered me with this and every other aspect of this world to enjoy.


Jana said...

Leave it to the girl who is stuck in her bed to be so uplifting! Thanks for the reminder! Love you!

Jenn said...

I love this new constant bogging Stacie! Thanks for keeping me entertained! :)
And I am one thousand percent serious about calling me any time you are bored or lonely or need anything. I'd love to come hang out or whatever. I will probably be offended if you don't call so do it.
Besides, if I was on bedrest and Greg had to be in charge of feeding me, I'd most likely starve. So I figure I'd better be nice to people on bedrest in case it ever happens to me!

trish said...