This is one of those "you had to be there" moments, I'm sure, but I'm writing about it so that I never forget it.

About ten minutes ago I was sitting on the bean bag wasting time and I heard a shuffle behind me and suddenly Rauland was shouting "GOING DOWN! GOING DOWN!" I turned, expecting to see that something was falling off of his desk, but rather got the pleasure of watching him cling to his drafting table with panic on his face. This was immediately followed by a silly grin as he explained that he almost fell down. Who takes the time to exclaim that they are going down? I would have just screamed.

Needless to say I laughed. I laughed uncontrollably. In fact, I was just now able to finally compose myself enough to type this story up. Rauland says he's never seen me laugh this hard before.

Like I said, probably one of those "you had to be there" moments.


trish said...

I wasnt there and I was laughing! I can picture it perfectly and thats HILARIOUS!

trish said...

It reminds me of Jana who plugs her nose when she wipes out water skiing...I always think the same thing "how does she have time to trigger that she is falling and go for her nose?"

Clint said...

I wasn't there but I just laughed out loud. Mostly because I imagined him saying "Going down! Going down!" in George Costanza's voice.