After a little discussion about who was a boy and who was a girl, Bev exclaimed,


I think we have a little clarifying to do about basic human anatomy.


2014 family pictures

We went over to campus the other day and had a neighbor take some family pictures for us.  It involved lots of bribing (**cough*marshmallows**), and encouragement, but we got some good ones.

But I'll be honest, I kinda prefer the real ones.  The pictures that show my wiggly, squiggly, giggly family.

And I think this picture is the perfect, and I mean PERFECT, visual of Len and Bev's little personalities.  Aaaah, I kinda can't handle it.


facial expressions

The kids were being mushy and adorable with each other (pictures to come) so I pulled out the camera.  It's sad how rarely I take pictures of our everyday.  Anyway, somehow we got started on a little game of "facial expressions".

Top row (from left to right): happy, angry, excited
Bottom row (from left to right): confused, lovey, sad


Seriously though, my kids are the cutest on the planet.  I should probably have 100 more.