My blog has turned into an outlet. Take, for instance, this post, or this one, or even this post. All complaining that things aren't going according to my plan. Lately I have found that things work themselves out. My most recent blessing is related to a past post entitled IDIOTernship because I was formerly under the impression that not only did I have to intern while I was not in school, but I couldn't intern on campus and would therefore have to give up my job as a seamstress for a "real world" position at McDonalds, or something equally qualifying in the field of Family and Consumer Sciences. Saturday I spent hours applying place after place only to be told that no one was hiring with the economy the way it is. I was down and desperate, so Monday I went into the internship office prepared to convince them to bend the rules for me, only to find that I didn't have to. The teacher who told me I couldn't intern on campus had been misinformed. As of April 20 I am an intern for the BYU-Idaho Dance Costume Shop, doing what I love. Life is wonderful.


Jenn said...

Well I coulda told you that silly! I'm interning at the preschool in the Spring with Becky and the kids with special needs. But yay thats so exciting!

Heather O. said...

That's great news!

trish said...

That is great news...and I LOVED LVOED LOVED seeing you this weekend! See you in a few days for YOUR WEDDING!! Wahoo!