For the past few weeks I have been stressing out over how my last few semesters of school were going to pan out because, yes, I only have two more semesters of school before I student teach. There is one class required that is a Child Lab where you teach the preschoolers here on campus that is a 5 credit course and incredibly time consuming. You have to apply for this class because there is a limited number of seats available every semester and they try to put those who need the class most at first priority. I didn't realize that this class worked that way, so I applied late. I was notified that I had not been accepted to take CHILD 335 for Winter 2009 and that I would be accepted for a future semester. The problem is that this class is a prerequisite for two of the classes I am planning on taking in the Fall, so I started to worry that I might be stuck in Rexburg longer than anticipated. I then thought about the option of taking that class in the summer and only paying one-class tuition, but with a 5 credit class that ended up costing more than I pay for full-time school with my current scholarship. Problem.

On Tuesday I received another email notifying me that I was on a waiting list and they had somebody drop the class. I had been accepted to take CHILD 335 in Winter 2009. My schedule worked perfectly. Even some of my other classes that I thought would conflict had been rescheduled so they fit wonderfully into my schedule. Tender Mercy.

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Jenn said...

Stace I feel awful!! I totally knew you needed to apply for the lab and I have a stack of applications sitting on my desk every single day! If I had even thought about it for 5 seconds I would have been able to help you! I'm so glad you were able to figure things out though! Before I read the last part I was totally gonna go talk to Brother Anderson and get you in the lab! You are going to LOVE it! And anytime you need help with anything let me know, its what I LOVE!

trish said...

I am so glad that worked out so well, that would have been a bummer. But that class sounds really fun! Love you and cant wait to see you in just over 2 weeks...wahoo, yippee!

Hayley said...

Weird. Almost the exact same thing happened to me. It's probably the best feeling in the world when you have a perfect schedule.

Really, best feeling ever.