My summer break was 7 weeks long, so at almost exactly halfway through the break Rauland came down and visited me. Here is a Timeline of the trip:


I dragged him along with me to Carrie Jensen's wedding reception, and it was there that he met ALL of my high school girlfriends at once. Somewhat overwhelming, but he was a good sport about it and we had a very good time.


We made a trip to Salt Lake City where we ate at Red Robin (Rauland's obsession in life), and went to Decades and the Gateway. Then we pretty much watched the Olympics for the rest of the night.


We "hiked" to the Timpanogas Caves with Jana and Clint where we had the best tour guide of all time. He had an incredibly unnatural speaking voice and I think someone compared his enthusiasm to Steve from Blue's Clues. After the caves we all joined mom and dad for dinner at the Mayan.


Church, of course. Then we went to Jana and Clint's place for a delicious meal before he was back on the road to Idaho.


trish said...

WHAT A FUN WEEKEND! What I would have given to have been there with you all. Love love love you Stace.

Heather and Beau said...

Looks like you packed a lot into that weekend!

Greg and Marianne said...

Looks like you are catching up on the summer blogging. We miss you.

Jenn said...

Um freaking cute!! Love it! I can't wait to see you....TONIGHT!

Clint, Jana, and Dallas said...

We had so much fun that weekend. Love you!!! Come home.