Mom and dad had tickets to Brian Regan performing at Thanksgiving Point given to them as a gift from Mark and Dawn, and they were kind enough to let me me, Jana, Clint, and Alan use them. The show was great, and surprisingly there was a lot of new stuff in it, I hardly recognized any of it.

Alan was gone for approximately ten hours to get nachos and while he was gone, we got some interesting pictures.
Lovely Clint.

No Deer Past This Point. Does that mean I can't bring my pet Bambi to the show with me? Bizarre.


trish said...

Oh I miss out on so much. :)

Heather and Beau said...

I think it is sad that people weren't able to bring their deer to the show.

Greg and Marianne said...

I wonder how well the deer obey that sign!

Jenn said...

I went to that same show in Denver and LOVED it! He is oh so funny.

Clint, Jana, and Dallas said...

My husband is A-grade good-looking. Am I right? Great pics. great times. Love you.