On August 22 my cousin Trevor was married to a beautiful girl named Megan who he had been chasing diligently and patiently for quite a while. It was, as all weddings are, a very exciting occasion so my parents, my brother Alan and I flew out to Sacramento for it.

After the wedding and luncheon, everyone decided to take a dip at the hotel before the reception that night. It didn't take long before Luke was being tossed like a football and Beau was orchestrating contest after contest with dad and Alan to see who was the most skilled.

The reception was beautiful, I especially loved that they had all of the married couples dance, it was sweet to see so many happy couples varying in age.

After the reception Heather, Beau, Alan, and I wanted to go watch the late showing of The Dark Knight, so we plugged the movie theater address into Beau's trusty GPS and it led us here. We ended up in the middle of nowhere because somehow our destination was changed from the theater address to "001", which is apparently where the Pavement Ends.
The wedding was a beautiful excuse to go to California and see so much family. On Sunday morning my parents left with Alan back home, and I was able to stay with the Oylers in Walnut Creek for a few more days. I always love spending time in the Bay Area, but more than anything, I simply loved being with my sister Heather and her beautiful family.


Heather and Beau said...

We had so much fun with you, Stacie! Come back soon!!!

trish said...

That looks like fun, lucky Luke to have "Aunt Stacie" stay for a visit!

Greg and Marianne said...

We had so much fun. I only wish I could have stayed longer with you!

Clint, Jana, and Dallas said...

I want more pics of you and your... ahem... friend. Thanks. Mucho love.