this post really isn't about the pizza.

Tonight we fed the missionaries.  We made homemade pizzas (our favorite), and got to know the new elders.  Our ward just transitioned from having THREE sets of full time missionaries, down to one.  It's a companionship of three elders, and my kids LOVE them.  They always love all the missionaries. 

After our message, as the elders were putting their shoes and coats back on, they asked the girls for high fives.  Bev looked them straight in the face and said, "no."  They all kind of dropped their heads, showing her how saaaad that made them, so she smiled and said "I give you a hug!"

She then went up to each of them, hugged their leg, and gave them a kiss on the leg.  Close call at her height, but they seemed prepared to control the situation as much as necessary.  They were walking out the door when Bev ran, full speed, up to Elder Filimaua, wrapped her arms around him and smacked a big ol kiss... on his crotch.  Front and center.

I lost it.  We all did.  Seriously, I haven't laughed that hard in YEARS.  It was hilarious.  And awkward.  And soooo hilarious.  Oh, man.

So, uh, how'bout that pizza?

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Rachael Mulder said...

OHHH BOY. That gave me a good LOL. That's one to write home to the folks about! :)