it's still july, right?!

I realize the fourth of July was two weeks ago.  And I fully intended to post these pictures shortly thereafter.  But then we were bombarded with life. 

We took the kids downtown to visit the Center for Wooden Boats.  It was awesome.  I definitely think we'll be making this a yearly thing. 

After we drooled over the beautiful boats they had docked, and watched the miniature sailboats soar around the pond, and the REAL sailboats, and the ice cream, and the shrimp and chips, we helped the kids build their very own toy sailboats.  Rauland was so good to let them make each and every decision about what to put where, and helping them drill and hammer and cut.  It was so much fun, and they use their sailboats in the bathtub all the time now!

So OBVIOUSLY, after their boats were made, we had to test them out on the lake. 

By the time we got home it was already four, and we all just crashed.  We didn't wake up until about six, just in time for hot dogs and burgers.  This year we skipped out on fireworks, but we could hear them all. night. long.

Maybe next year.  But maybe not.  It was pretty great just the way we did it.

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