four years old

Lenna turned four last week. I'm the mom of a four-year-old.  I can't wrap my head around it.  But she really is so big (the little kind of big), and capable.

I made her this moses basket for her dolls, and she has been dragging it everywhere!  She says her favorite part is the little green braid.

A few weeks before her birthday, Lenna requested that Rauland make her birthday cake, because, and I quote, "he's better at cooking".  #momfail.  She wanted a carrot applesauce cake, and he did a killer job!

Also, she asked for salad and brussel sprouts for her birthday dinner.  Little healthy weirdo.


color: pink
food: salad
drink: "cheap orange juice"
show: nerdy nummies
game: pretend camping


"Big-girl cheese sandwich"
"You're breaking my heart"
"__________ in the whole wide world"


Starting to read and write
simple math (addition and subtraction of 1 digit numbers)


shrugs her shoulders and looks at the ceiling when she's explaining something.
puts both legs in one pant leg and hops around calling herself a mermaid.

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