When we found out we were expecting our second girl, I immediately started hoping and dreaming that they would be best friends.  The kind of sisters who take care of each other and paint each others' nails, you know?!

We made conscious efforts when Bev was born to keep Len included, and make sure she knew it was HER baby sis.  I decided really early on, that I would basically force the "best friend" thing on them, and see how it went!  So when Bev would fuss, I'd call Len over and tell her "your best friend is sad, how do you think we can help make her happy?"  I verbalized that they were best friends all the time, and still do.

If you ask my girls who their best friend is, they will squeal and say their sister's name.  And it's sweet, because they know that Rauland and I are best friends, as well.  They've always had a really sweet relationship with each other, but the older they get, the stronger their bond gets.  They really DO take care of each other.

This morning, when I went in their room to wake them up, I found this.  They were just snuggling, and quietly giggling and playing with each others' hair.  Just, being sisters.  Best friends.

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