our family: as seen by a 2 year old

This is how Lenna sees her family.  You probably can't tell, but we all have heads with ears and hair, tummies, arms, and legs.

If I just say, "draw so-and-so" it ends up looking like Bev's little portrait there.  But, if I guide her a little by saying, "draw a head, now draw some hair, and some ears..."  it looks more like the rest of us in her little picture.  The ears are my favorite, you can see them really good on Rauland.

Tell the truth people... do you see it?  Maybe you can help me gauge how bad my mom goggles are.


Marianne Henderson said...

It's a masterpiece.

Aubrey said...

I cherish these kind of pictures that my children make. This one Lenna made is adorable. I was able to make out that each was an actual person with a head, ears, hair, and body, except for Bev. (Before reading your commentary.) Lenna is a little artist- and darling at that! Happy Thanksgiving to your sweet family!