cool kids wear casts

Last week we had a little incident involving the front door and a little finger. Surgery and spoils have her feeling lots better, but this one will probably grow up with a somewhat disfigured finger. The good news is, no matter how different her fingertip might end up looking, she'll still have a fully functioning hand. That's great news, really.

When Lenna was coming out of sedation after her surgery she mumbled what sounded like "I love you" and then clear as day she said, "I flying mom.  I flying like the flowers."  The sweet nurse brought her a little rabbit and put it in a cast to cheer her up and it worked like a charm. She's been in cast for over a week now, and thinks she looks beautiful in it (she's not wrong!)

I've learned a lot about Len this week: she's brave beyond measure, she's optimistic, and she will milk that cast for all the TV time she can get!

Cool kids wear casts. At least this one does.


trish said...

WHAT?? How did I not hear about this? poor little lenna...is she okay?

Jana said...

Man, I love that kid!

Heather O. said...

I did not hear about this either. Poor little Lenna!