I came home from work and helped Rauland with an assignment for his photoshop class.  He had to take pictures representing the different principles of design.

This one was "Scale and Proportion" (big shoes-little feet), and it just reminds me of how much I absolutely adore these knobby little knees.

And how much I adore this sleepy little monkey:

She had been crying, hence the puffy eyes, and we wanted just her legs in the real photo, hence the diaper.  Also, I was not supposed to be in any pictures.  Oh, well.

My real point is take time to appreciate the seemingly insignificant things, like your favorite little squish's knobby little knees.  I promise, it will make you smile.

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Trevor.Megan.Andrew said...

She is getting so big! I love that she's wearing those shoes. Precious!