a recipe... or two

Rauland loves trying new recipes.  He's very ambitious about it.  If you're jealous, I understand.  

A few weeks ago for my birthday he splurged and made steak and potatoes.

And the picture doesn't even do it justice.  A few hours before dinner we saw an irresistible appetizer on the Food Network, we call it Bacon Wrapped Prawns, so he made that too.

They're unbelievable.  With jalepenos, and bacon,
... and pepper-jack cheese, and, well you can CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE.

I will say though, there were way too many for the two of us, you may half, or maybe even quarter the recipe.  Oh, you'll love this one.

And yes, I promised two recipes.  Tonight we had burgers and onion rings.

And thank heavens for allrecipes.com for this one.

The onioin rings are so fresh and crispy, and the dipping sauce is just like the Awesome Blossom sauce.

I know, I couldn't have possibly shared two more unhealthy recipes.  But the way I see it, that's what the end of the year is for.  Eat up, because come January we're all going to be dieting.

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Tyler said...

Okay wait what? Since when is Rauland a gourmet food network chef? That's bananas it looks sooo good. Whenever he wants to come over and prepare a meal for us he is welcome.