We celebrated Halloween last night.  We didn't do much, really.  Just watched football and answered the door to the cute little trick-or-treaters.  But I dressed Lenna up, nonetheless.  Can you guess what she was?
Yeah, I had to explain it to everyone.  She was candy corn, of course!  I intentionally made her "costume" more of a dress than a costume.  Seeing as she wasn't trick-or-treating, I didn't see the point in making her something to wear inside for one night... so I made her something she can wear for a while.

Jana, Clint, and their kids came over (a ballerina, and Woody).   

I don't think the girls care much for Halloween yet, but maybe next year they can join Dallas in the candy fun!


Trevor.Megan.plus 1 said...

ha. That last picture is priceless. Love it!

trish said...

Ahh look at all those cute kids! And I love the dress. I have that top orange fabric that I bought to make a belt :) Love you!