On Sunday, Rauland was able to bless our little sweetheart.  It was absolutely beautiful, and to my great relief, she slept through the entire thing.  Am I completely pathetic for fearing that she would cry through her blessing?

I made a blessing dress a few years ago in my Children's Clothing class at BYU-I, but because Lenna is so small it was completely massive on her, and looked silly.  I'll save that dress for baby girl #2 I guess.  So I found this shirt at D.I. and made Lenny's dress out of it.

The inspiration came from the shirt placket on the front, which I used for the detailing on back of her dress.

Then I used some of the extra lace from the shirt's sleeves and embellished the front of the blessing dress with it.
And at Rauland's request, I made it a layette, rather than a long, flowing dress.

She had no idea that it was her big day, but she sure loved having so much happy attention.

I love my silly little squirt.  She makes the funniest faces.

Before we could take pictures:
- Jana and Clint left so Dallas could take a nap
- Grandma's tongue got stung by a bee and dad took her to the ER (they gave her 3 treatments and the swelling finally went down)
- While dad and Grandma were gone my Aunt Barbra and Uncle Pete's family went home as well

Thank you all for coming, it meant the world to us, even though we don't have photo evidence of it :)

So with all of that commotion, we didn't take pictures until about 9 o'clock that night, and we made everybody change from their pajamas back into their church clothes.


Hayley said...

Dang, wish I would have known about the blessing, I would have loved to be there. Cute outfit you made, though.

trish said...

Darling dress, darling baby! I love the back of the dress, so creative! Im glad it was a great day, wish I lived closer so I could have been there. LOVE YOU!

p.s. You are NOT weird at all for worrying about her crying, EVERY MOM worries about that AND that they will poop all over their white dress (raegan did that)