You may have noticed we have tabs on our blog now (keep reading if you're interested in learning how). One of our tabs is "Watch Lenna Grow" where I'll be posting weekly pictures of her because she's changing so fast. Blah, blah, blah... not important... I was taking her 8 week picture and captured these two gems before I got a decent picture to put up:

Awesome, I know!

Now, for those of you who are interested in tabbing your own blog, learn from my mistakes. I googled it and got all sorts of confusing HTML that gave me ugly tabs. Then I stumbled upon a miracle. This new blogger setup makes it really easy.

  • From your blogger dashboard get into the "Posting" tab (next to the settings, design, and monetize tabs).
  • Then click on the sub-tab "Edit Pages".
  • Add a page and that becomes your first tab. Add another page - you have another tab.
  • Then in the "Design" tab on your dashboard you can edit the aesthetics of your tabs and rearrange them if needed.
Ain't it grand! And the best part... NO HTML, and they're simple to go back and edit as well.


trish said...

Cute cute cute pics! I love it! She is adorable!

Jana said...

I miss her!

And i just added my very own tabs... thanks for the tip!

Carly said...

haha I LOVE those pics!

Trevor.Megan.Andrew said...

So seven months later I remembered you had written this post. I dug it up and used your instructions. Thanks! :)