Today, July 9, 2010, was Lenna's due date. She will be 7 weeks old tomorrow, time flies.

A little bit about what is going on in her world:

*She weighs somewhere between 5 1/2 and 6 lbs (she has officially grown out of preemie diapers)
*Her hair is turning red... I hope it stays that way, we weren't expecting it
*Her eyes are changing from grey to blue
*She lifts her head and barely needs assistance in supporting her neck when she's held
*When she's laying on her stomach she can lift her head and upper body
*When she's laying on her back she likes to roll onto her side
*She's strong; you have to be careful when you hold her, she'll lunge right out of your arms
*She has a lot more waking hours than she used to; she is especially alert after she eats
*She focuses on voices and faces
*She knows night from day, something Rauland and I appreciate
*The past few days she has been making a lot more social noises - simple ooo's and aaa's

She'll develop about 7 weeks behind other babies her age until she's 2, so considering she was supposed to be BORN today, I think she's doing very well!

(please excuse her plumber's crack - but hey, she's got more toosh than she used to)


trish said...

Oh my goodness I miss her! Just a few more weeks til I get to hold her again. She is doing awesome, and doesnt sound BEHIND at all!!

Marianne said...

Love, Love, Love her!

Heather O. said...

Oh, she is so beautiful. Love the red hair!

trish said...

i love the NEW blog! Cool! How did you get those tabs on top? I am excited for the weekly pictures of Lenna and to see your etsy site coming along.