Paper or Plastic

DISCLAIMER: I didn't like proof reading this thing, so don't judge me. Also, good luck getting through it and understanding it.

Why do you grocery shop where you do? I always assumed people purchase goods based on whoever has the best bargain. Recently I’ve realized that notion is far from full-proof (whoa). Apparently Tyler shops at Kohler’s over Wal Mart because of the impressive musical playlists on the intercom there. And speaking of Wal Mart, the inhabitants of Highland/Cedar Hills, UT refuse to shop at the Wal Mart in their town purely out of spite. When I first heard these reasons of why people prefer/refuse to shop in one place I had a good laugh, both reasons seemed slightly frivolous yet extremely funny.

Yesterday I joined this league of lame-brained individuals. Here’s the story, I needed a bundle of cilantro and a Hot Pocket, so I went to Kohler’s (which Stacie likes to call Broulims). Kohler’s is by far the closet place for us to get stuff. My reason for shopping there was strictly economical, you know, to save gas. I was standing in the check out line when my life changed forever, (like when you order the pork salad at Cafe Rio, whatever). The defining moment was when the bagger girl asked if I wanted “paper or plastic”, wait a minute, I thought an extermination order had been placed on all paper bags for years now. Once I gained my composure I said “paper”, she acted startled, I believe, because I was the first person to ask for paper in years, there is also the slight possibility that I shouted “paper” on accident, which could have contributed to the bagger girls startled reaction. 

Now, in my opinion, Kohler’s is infinitely better than Wal Mart, it ranks up there with any grocery store in Longview; what’s so special about Longview grocery stores? They still offer paper bags that’s what. I’m sure when push comes to shove though I will shop at whichever store has the best prices; money talks and paper bags don’t, yet they are both made out of the same stuff, which is curious. Yeah I prefer to shop at Kohler’s now solely because the bagger girl offered me paper, I’m not ashamed; in fact I am keeping the bag.

P.S. Many people might be wondering why I am so obsessed with paper bags? First, as Clayton always tells me, I’m “from Washington” and secondly, my dad worked at a paper mill for 18 years. It’s in my blood to love paper bags (sorry if that grossed you out Stacie).


Jenn said...

Mostly I just enjoyed your reference to the Cafe Rio Pork Salad changing your life. Since my blog is basically an ode to the Cafe Rio Pork Salad and all. Haha
The rest of it was funny too. That was just my favorite, for obvious reasons. Mmmm now I want one and I can't have one because they are all closed and it would take me a half hour to get to one. Ugh

digity_britney said...

Stacie, I tried the paper bag idea once, but then I couldn't carry them all, and it was super awkward, and I think it took me ten minutes just to get them all out to my car. In my opinion, the one that takes less work is the best. ;) I lova this blog.

Clint, Jana, and Dallas said...

I love this post. Love it.

However, I win the "green award" based on my recent purchase of the reusable shopping bag. Now I can shop at my dingy, environmentally-unconcerned Wal-Mart guilt-free :)

Hayley and Jake said...

Well... I have some major confessing to do. When I heard that they were putting a wal mart in cedar hills, I was outraged. I thought it would tacky-up our quiet little farming community. But, since it opened, have I been to Kohlers once? No, because I am a poor newlywed and go for the cheaper prices and convenience of the one-stop-shopping. And if it is a matter of paper or plastic, Schaat family, spend some dollars on the reusable bags. They're my favorite. Saving trees one grocery store outing at a time. P.S. I'm from Oregon. Go NW!

trish said...

I loved that post! Thanks for the giggle! And Im bad...I shop at WalMart and take home about 20 plastic bags every week :( I'll work on it. Maybe reusable bags? We'll see

Marianne said...

I'm with Jana. I bought Costco re-usable, which to quote Rauland, I found "curious" because they are in no way big enough to actually use to carry all of the stuff I buy at Costco. Anyway, the plan is to use them at the grocery store. I have been to the grocer store at least 15 times since I bought them and but they are still brand new in the trunk of my car. Oh well, my intentions are better than my memory.

Heather O. said...

I think you would like SF...plastic grocery bags are banned. I guess what I'm really saying is come live near us and bring my sister with you!!!