Rauland, Alan, and I went to IKEA yesterday. We were walking through the kitchen display area and saw this:

...to which Alan responded, "Those are really weird shot glasses." It didn't take him very long to realize they were actually candlesticks.

We got a good laugh.


Clint said...

Those are really weird sacrament cups.

trish said...

haha. Thats like when I saw a heirst and said to Paul, "Thats a really weird limo"

Anonymous said...

"Whoa, look at those hips."
"Yeah, obviously not hers though."
".....Well, who's would they be?"

Heather said...

That's why I love you Alan!

digity_britney said...

Hahah, I can totally picture that. How funny.

Marianne said...

I'm really glad he know so little about shot glasses