Wedding This and That

I've been thinking a lot about wedding stuff lately - obviously - but there is so much that I couldn't do being in Idaho with my mom and my wedding both being in Utah. It's been so fun to come home and start planning.

My wedding colors are gray and yellow, which really threw my mom off, but I'm so very excited about it. I haven't heard of anyone else doing this color scheme, so I hope it will turn out simple and classy, which is the goal. I just wanted to avoid florescent colors which seem to be the current trend.

I tried my mom's wedding dress on when I came home for Thanksgiving break. I opened the box hoping and praying it was as beautiful in person as it is in her wedding pictures. I was very pleased to see that it exceeded my expectations and even looked really good when I tried it on, the perfect dress for my body type (tall and flat). The only problem is that it wouldn't zip higher than my waist. We took the dress to the Bridal Center in Lehi and had them look at it to see if it could be adjusted to my giant rib cage and they said this was a common problem, easy fix. The only issue was that the dress is 30 years old and somewhat yellowed, so finding lace to add in that looked decent might be an issue. One of the employees rummaged through about 20, maybe 30 bolts of lace. After setting a few possibilities to the side she came up to us and said, "you're never going to believe this... we have the exact same lace as the dress." What were the chances of that? 20ish bolts of lace and they have a 30 year old bolt that is the same as the lace on my mom's wedding dress, with the same amount of yellowing. I'm happy to say I will be wearing my mother's beautiful dress. Worn by her in 1979 and to be worn by me in 2009.

I have a couple of things down, but my "To Do" list is never-ending.


Heather said...

I'm sure that your wedding will be beautiful. I'm so excited that it is going to work our for you to wear Mom's dress. You are going to look beautiful!

trish said...

I am so EXCITED for you to wear moms dress...as raegan said you look like a princess in it! Oh I only wish I lived closer to help with the "wedding planning chores"! I love you!

Clint, Jana, and Dallas said...

Can't wait for my new grey dress suit!!

Oh, and your wedding I guess ;)

Hayley said...

I love the colors. And you have a lucky star following you. :) Can't wait to see you in that beautiful dress!

Ashley said...

Those colors are so great!!! That must be so exciting to start planning now being home! How awesome that you are going to be wearing your mom's dress!!! Miss you!