I absolutely love having a long break from school, and I absolutely love being with my family, I absolutely do not love being away from Rauland. Needless to say, I miss him. I've made a list of 50 of my favorite things about Rauland, they're in no particular order.

1. He has a very strong testimony.
2. He is handsome beyond belief.
3. He whistles.
4. He becomes a gitty little boy at the mention of Red Robin.
5. He sings opera in the shower.
6. He wears suspenders.
7. He has silly rules about everything.
8. He memorizes entire movies after only watching them once.
9. He notices and remembers everything.
10. He is the picture in my locket.
11. He yawns out loud.
12. He uses words like “glorious” and “lovely”.
13. He drags his feet and doesn’t swing his arms when he walks.
14. He works hard.
15. He jets his jaw when he concentrates.
16. He has a newly found love for politics and could talk about it for hours.
17. He loves kids and wants to have a big family.
18. He says “Rauland face” whenever I smile and scrunch my nose.
19. He observes little habits of mine that I didn’t know I had.
20. He considers popcorn a meal.
21. He says “ones if” instead of “what if”.
22. He owns more jackets than he does shirts.
23. He goes to every Extravadance show with a smile even though I know it’s not his favorite form of entertainment.
24. He sings songs from My Fair Lady and Mary Poppins.
25. He is really good at impersonations.
26. He mumbles to himself.
27. His favorite names are 7 syllables long and impossible to spell.
28. He sees something in me that I don’t see in myself.
29. He plays the piano but has never had a single lesson.
30. He named his truck Vegetable Lasagna.
31. He can recall every single Seinfeld episode.
32. He wants to be a dad like Cliff Huxtable.
33. He sometimes laughs very delayed, and when he does it’s usually one loud BAAAH.
34. He doesn’t like smiley pictures, he’d prefer a picture of someone sitting on a couch oblivious of the camera.
35. His idea of a Jack-O-Lantern is a square cut into a pumpkin that isn’t cleaned inside, and flammable!
36. He says things like, “get it?” and “isn’t that funny?” after he tells a joke.
37. His hair sticks straight out when it’s wet.
38. If he’s at home, you better bet he’s wearing his stretchy (pajama) pants.
39. He treats me much better than I deserve.
40. He loves Lord of the Rings and is very patient with my zero knowledge of it all.
41. “High five!”
42. He thanks me for being honest every time I say, “I’m not gonna lie…”
43. It bothers him when I apologize over nothing.
44. He is the most ticklish person I know.
45. When I tickle him he usually starts to tickle me back but when I look at him with pleading eyes he stops. I’m rude.
46. He frequently offers to rub my feet, and he doesn’t particularly like feet.
47. He has one of the greatest families ever.
48. He claims he hates setting people up but he shows a huge interest in the love lives of my friends and has preferences as to who he wishes they would date.
49. He never uses the words: hott, hate, suck, freakin’, and others of the like.
50. He makes me want to be a better person.


Ashley said...

Well he is just so perfect for you!!! I just love you two together!!!

Hayley said...

Cuuuute. I particularly have experience with number 48.

Jenn said...

Awww you are darling. We are in the same boat. I miss Greg too!!

trish said...

That was so cute Stace! I feel like I know Rauland so much better now, it ws fun to read all those things about him. You 2 are a great match. (I am a little disappointed that he didnt wear the stretchy pants pjs in utah)

Rauland said...

That's because I still fit into my jeans and dress pants while i was in Utah. The stretchy pants thing is a recent development, hahaha.

Marianne said...

I love that. I feel like I know Rauland so much better. Trisha is right you guys are a great match.