On my birthday my roommates Heather, Erica, and Jen gave me my very early wedding gift that they found at D.I. It is a bright green recliner (pictures 70's green) and it is in nearly perfect condition. I was so excited about this chair, and took it to Menan with me later that evening because there isn't room for it at my apartment so we are storing it in Rauland's basement for the next six months. When Rauland's mom, Marjean, saw this chair she got excited and asked if we could pretend we were planning on keeping the chair in the family room until we got married (rather than in the basement like we were really planning on doing).

**NOTE: For those who don't know, Rauland's family is living with his grandparents in Menan and green is his grandma's least favorite color, she particularly hates the green of our chair.**

So we moved a table in the family room and set the chair in so that it looked like it had a permanent home and waited for his grandparents to get back from dinner at the Sizzler. When his grandma walked in she looked at the chair and the conversation went something like this:

Grandma: What's this?
Marjean: This is a wedding gift for Rauland and Stacie and they were wondering if they could keep it in here until they get married.
Grandma (very quietly): Are they getting married tomorrow?
Marjean: What do you think of it?
Grandma: It's very nice, I'm worried that it will get dirty and dusty in here, we should probably cover it with a sheet or something.

Ok, by this time Rauland was hunched over hiding his face and laughing uncontrollably, and I was avoiding eye contact with his grandma in order to contain my own laughter. After a few minutes of this Marjean finally admitted to her mother that it was a joke, and that we would be keeping the chair in the basement because we knew she hated it. His grandma denied this and Marjean brought up the fact that she wanted to cover it with a sheet because she hated it so much. His grandma then got very flustered and said over and over again that she really was just worried about it getting damaged and that she did not hate my chair.

The next day I asked his grandma if she would pose in the chair for a picture and she agreed to do so if she could dress up a bit. I'm sure this was just an excuse to get out of taking a picture in the chair that she denied hating so much, because she was already dressed for church.

Here is a picture of the beloved recliner, you can decide for yourself how hideous it really is. As for me and Rauland, we love it!


trish said...

That is awesome and hilarious! But I really want a sneak preview of the chair!

Stacie said...

Sorry I didn't have a picture posted when you read this T, I had Rauland take one with his phone and send it to me. Enjoy!

wearesatellites said...

EXCUSE ME! I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE. I NEED RAULAND IN MY LIFE. WHERE ARE YOU!? NOT IN MY LIFE. OKAY. I MISS YOU. UGh..kay now i'm done capslock yelling at you...i'm exhausted.

Jenn said...

Um....I think I like his grandma! hehe xoxo

trish said...

sweet..thanks for posting that! It is so YOU, I love it! What cute roommates.

Heather said...

Funny story. And the chair matches you perfectly!

Julie said...

What thoughtful roommates you have--I think! You make me laugh Stacie!

Marianne said...

It's you!