when rauland is in charge of thanksgiving

Rauland has always been so excited for the day that he got to plan and prepare our very own Thanksgiving meal.  And boy, did he go all out! 

turkey (yes, he cooked it with bacon)
homemade stuffing
mashed potatoes and fancy gravy
menan corn
macaroni (with homemade pasta)
rhodes rolls
apple pie & pecan pie (both made from scratch)

I didn't have to prepare a single element of the meal, he had it all completely under control.  He even did most of his dishes as he cooked.

After dinner, as per our agreement, he and the girls took a much deserved nap while I tidied up the house.  Everything was cooked, eaten, and cleaned by 3pm.

Rauland really enjoyed making this meal (but not as much as I enjoyed eating it).  He's even told me that I may never need to learn how to cook a turkey, because he'd love to do it himself, whenever possible.


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Nicole said...

WOW. Just wow. Do you know how lucky you are? That is pretty amazing if you ask me!