This crazy little one turned TWO today.  So here are a few factoids about our Bev:

1. She's potty trained.  She doesn't even sleep in diapers anymore!  It's strange how bittersweet this is.  I totally thought it'd be the happiest day of my life to have both kids out of diapers -and don't get me wrong, it's freakin' awesome- but it's sad to feel like there really isn't a baby in our house anymore.

2. Speaking of babies, Bev LOVES THEM.  Her favorite game now is to pretend she's a baby.  She's pretty convincing too - she rolls, crawls, fusses, jabbers, and pretends to sleep.

3. Bev will do anything that she sees her big sister doing.  This can be good and bad :)

Love you babe, happy birthday!

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