a real man

Rauland had to write a letter to the editor for a class assignment.  I really enjoyed what he wrote (and it was published in the school paper), so I thought I'd keep it here for future reflection:

My dad gave me all the instruction I needed to become a real man.  He worked me long, hard days, took me to serve others, fulfilled his priesthood responsibilities, and provided for our family.  Sadly, even at 27, I haven't fully applied what he taught me.  With pell grants I have subsidized my responsibility of providing, when additional work was an option - difficult, but an option.  I watch TV when I could interact with my kids.  I find it difficult focusing for long, hard work/ study hours.  It occurred to me that I didn't seem to be as much of a man as I should be.  I have noticed this seems to be a fairly common occurrence among men.  At varying levels, we are disconnecting from our responsibilities through entertainment, entitlements, and subsidies.

I recently re-committed to all things manly: hard work, selflessness, providing, and spiritual development.  It's time to trade those skinny jeans for work pants.  Call of Duty for the fulfillment of priesthood duties.  The walking Dead for a purposeful stride.  Excess loans for additional work.

You males who feel you need a swift kick in the pants to recommit to becoming a real man, like I did, feel free to use my experience as the boot.

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