len's finger

IMG_3498 len
About three months ago Lenna's finger got shut in our front door in a hectic moment, and she lost most of the top joint.  All in all, she handled it like a champ, and I didn't.

I shed agonized tears in seeing my little sweetheart's pain.  I shed guilt-based tears.  I shed feared tears as I envisioned kids teasing her for her disfigured finger.  And, I'm ashamed to say it, but I even shed vain tears over the fact that it was her left ring finger.

A few weeks ago her finger finished healing, and we discovered that she had a new nail bed.  The human body is capable of so much!  And what seemed like something huge before, seems so minor now.  Yes her finger looks different than it used to, and yes it's more sensitive than it used to be, but it's fully functional, and that, is perfect.


Marianne Henderson said...

She looks great. I a proud of that brave little trooper.

Mrs. Lemon said...

Just seeing this now, I understand a little bit about all those emotions! I caught my right pointer finger in a blender earlier this year. I obliterated the nail, most heavily at the base, and the doctor had to remove my cuticle to cover the rest of the first knuckle, which was very exposed. My first thought was, "Will I ever play the piano again?" Then, "Oh my gosh, my beautiful nails!" I too felt so much relief when some semblance of a nail started to grow in. It's still a little weird--I have nail up either side of my nail bed, but nothing will grow in the middle. Anyway, my heart goes out to Lenna, and to you, my friend. But our bodies really are amazing!