things i don't want to forget

When you're living in the present it's really easy to enjoy the moments surrounding you and just assume, I'll remember this forever.  The truth is, I don't remember it a few months down the road.  So this is a list of the things since I last posted that I don't want to forget:

1.  Lenna is the world's most opinionated fashionista.  She knows what she wants to wear, and it doesn't matter if it's 80 degrees outside, if she wants to wear her winter coat, this girl will wear her winter coat.
Same goes with pink.  Hot pink, how you make my eyes burn!

2. The way Bev used to crawl on her hands and feet.  Oh, I miss that!

3. Lenna used to insist on sleeping on the floor.  With throw pillows.  And only a small baby blanket.  I felt so guilty letting her sleep that way while Bev sprawled in bed on her giant pillow, swimming in big blankets.  But then, one day, she just crawled in bed and realized the comfort she was neglecting.  She quit the floor thing cold turkey!

4. Unmanageable hair.

5. When we ask Lenna who her best friend is, she says, "Bev.  And mom, and dad."  But she always says Bev first.

6. This.

7. The way Lenna says "MO-MO-MO-MO-P" when she sings the ABC's.  That and at the end she says, "now I told you the ABC's"  which is awesome.

8. Point to an animal, any animal, and ask Bev what it is.  She'll shout, "MONKEY!".  Then ask her what a monkey says, and she'll say "MOOOOO".  She's one confused little cutie.


Clint said...

I miss those girls and you guys. And I love that you put "Oh, Schaat." on your blog. :)

trish said...

I just saw this post...not sure how. But i ADORE it and I adore you and your cute adorable girls.