Today is Lenna's four month birthday.  Hoorah.  She had her wellness check-up and everything is going great.  I know you're all curious (ok, maybe not) so here are her stats:

Height: 22 in (3%)
Weight: 10 lb. 7 oz. (1%)
Head Circumference: 16 in (42%)

That's right, she's officially on the charts.  And apparently, compared to her small body, her head is whoppin'.

More good news - she's gotten the go ahead for solids.  And by "solids" I mean mush.  So today she had her first experience with apple juice, which she LOVED, and her first experience with baby oatmeal, as documented below:
She started out happily in her bumbo
but she did NOT understand what was going on, and she got grumpy
so we resorted to lap feeding for this first time
it was then that she realized this is a lot better than milk...

but it still looks nasty to me.


trish said...

How is it possible that she is already 4 months old? Yaay for being on the charts...BARELY :) Bobble heads run in the family, so dont worry about it. I dont think her head looks big at all!! I MISS YOU GUYS!

trish said...

Oh and of course we care!!!

Jenn said...

Her facial expressions are sooo funny and cute! Makes me wish we could hear what she was thinking through the whole experience!

Anonymous said...

I miss you so terribly. I often read your readjame website and you never cease to amaze me. I MISS YOU and love you so much.