When it rains it pours, and then it freezes

This weekend as Rauland and I were unpacking he started aching. This quickly accelerated to a writhing-on-the-floor-vommiting-in-pain experience. The doctors told him it was probably kidney stones, and gave him a shot and some antibiotics. Then we waited at home. I have never seen somebody in so much pain. As quickly as it came, it left. He received a blessing from his father and brother, and the pain was gone in less than a day. Good timing considering he was about to start school.

So yesterday morning we went to turn on the hot water and got nothing. We could get cold water, but absolutely no sign of any hot or even slightly warmish water. Nothing. A bummer, considering we're in Rexburg where the weather has been floating around -15 degrees or so. We still haven't figured this one out for sure. Rauland and his dad both have put time into solving the case of the frozen hot water pipe, but so far with no luck. I'm just worried about a pipe busting.

Then this morning (still no hot water) I drove Rauland to school and after dropping him off I was on my way to the gas station. Less than a block away from the gas station my car goes buzurk. I was literally rocking forward in my seat trying to shove my car just a little bit farther, but with no luck. So I putted off to the side of the road, grabbed our little red gas canister, and was on my way to Maverick. I hadn't gotten ten steps forward before a truck pulled over and offered to help. These two kind gentlemen absolutely insisted that I go back to my warm car while they take care of my problem (perks of being a lady, and of living in super safe Rexburg). By the time they came back with that little bit of gas a police officer had stopped to help as well. While my tank was being fed, one of the kind gentlemen pointed out that I had a flat tire, and I did indeed. Very flat, undrivably flat. Apparently as I pulled to the side of the road I had driven over a large screw. We looked forward and right next to the Maverick (yes, also less than a block away) was a Tire Center. They weren't open yet but the Police Officer pulled some strings and had one of their employees (a former FHE brother of mine) fill my tire so I could get out of the road.

So with the help of four men, I was on my way to Les Schwab. While waiting to have my tire patched an older man came in to have work done on his car. He sat down and began singing. Like, out loud singing. And whisteling, too. The man showed no sign of hesitation. At first I was annoyed. In a time like this, with so much on my mind, I didn't want to be bothered with singing. But then I realized, he's got something going on too, and look at him, he's singing.

So this morning I decided that from now on I'm going to sing in the rain (metaphorically speaking of course, it's much too cold for rain here).

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Marianne said...

I love that people are taking care of you!