Pardon the grammatical errors, I didn't feel like having it proof read.

We decided our vehicle had wallowed in its filth long enough, so we agreed to give her a wash. By we I mean the most excellent car wash in the land, by the most excellent car wash I mean the biggest reject car wash in the land. I call him Mr. Car Wash.

Mr. Car Wash looked hungry so we fed him five dollars; he was very appreciative of that. Then he began to spray soap on our vehicle, out of one of those tubular foam floatation devices, to say thank you for the food. “Why, you are welcome Mr. Car Wash” I said. I feel we had gotten off on a pretty good foot with Mr. Car Wash. Then things took a turn for the worst.

We hadn’t bothered to clean up all the writing on our windows since the wedding (don’t worry Jana, we scrubbed the writing on the back five minutes after we left the reception). To our disappointment, Mr. Car Wash was too weak to clean the paint off. “Hey Mr. Car Wash you are a weakling, man.” I said. He didn’t seem to like that very much, so he promptly dried us off and kicked us out. Neither one of us were talking to each other at this point. So much for our good relationship. 

Then as we started to leave, he spit on us. He must have been chewing because there were bark chips and dirty water all over in it. “What a jerk. It’s not my fault that you are a wimp and can’t clean us Mr. Car Wash.” I thought. I felt like getting out and fighting him, but I figured I would be the bigger man and walk away. That’s what I did, I applied what I’ve learned over the years and walked away.


Jenn said...

Hahaha and then it rained and ruined whatever cleaness was left from that car wash experience. I like to go to the one across from Horkleys--it has colored bubbles in it! It's not the best but for 5 bucks I feel like it does okay. If that's the one you went to then disregard that suggestion.

Stacie said...

It happened, I was there.

trish said...

haha, sorry for the bad experience but it was a fun story to read, very well written!! I love you and miss you.

Rauland said...
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Rauland said...

Why thank you Trisha, I love and miss you too

Marianne said...

Funny story! Now, not to repeat myself but will you guys PLEASE post pictures of your apartment?