My roommate Erica took pictures for Rauland and I on Monday
(Erica is going to try to fix the lighting on the picture above)

It turns out Rauland and I are very good at taking bloopers:

There were also pictures that were cute, but didn't seem very annoucementish.

Thanks Erica!


Greg said...

Cute couple, I really like the one with Rauland looking forward and Stacie is looking up laughing.

Marianne said...

Cute pics. I like the way you guys are dressed. Do you have a favorite for the announcement?

Aubrey said...

I think they are all great pictures. You make such a cute couple! What fun time in your life, I'm so excited for you guys.

Clint, Jana, and Dallas said...

You really are the perfect couple. They are darling.

Stace, your hair looks so cute. Uh, you too Rauland :).

We love you both!

trish said...

okay, can I just say?....I love them all! You 2 are so perfectly fit for eachother. ANd I am with Jana, I love love love your hair with those curls in them! 2 and a half more months and you will be a married woman...wowza!

Heather said...

You guys both look beautiful, (well, Rauland looks handsome and you look beautiful) you know what I mean!

Hayley said...

Twins, I tell you! Twins!!!

Darling pictures, love the outfits. And, Stacie, your hair is fantastic.