All day on the fourth Rauland was pointing out the rules about celebrating the fourth of July. I thought I would share with you, and I quote:

"Here is the absolute precepts one must abide to uphold the

1. One must attend a flag raising ceremony, (preferably early in the morning.)
2. A patriotic colored breakfast must be partaken of. Example, waffles served with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream
3. An american football is to be tossed between you and at least one other person, thus forming a glorious game called "catch."
4. You are to hold or attend a BBQ. At this BBQ hamburgers or hot dogs must be served. Other forms of meat may be served as well but hamburgers and hot dogs are a requirement to remain truly obedient to the Law of the Fourth.
5. Do Not Work.
6. Listen to classic rock as well as patriotic music.
7. Be with close friends. Don't worry this includes family because family should be your close friends.
8. Witness a firework show.

Those are the requirements a person must participate in if they desire to state that they have celebrated the Forth of July. Also a note to those putting on the firework shows. For the firework shows to be even considered glorious the fireworks must not have any space between the times they go off. Secondly, the fireworks must be accompanied by music, and Jimi Hendrix's guitar solo of the Star Spangled Banner and Ray Charles version of America the Beautiful must be played within the set."


Hay said...

So..... did you abide by those rules??

Quinn and Tiffany said...

cute! cute! cute! It looks like you had a fun time over the weekend :)

trish said...

I LOVE those rules and you two look super cute together! Miss you Stac!

Beau & Heather said...

Those sound like good rules to me...looks like you had fun!