What makes a happy person?
I believe that happiness hides in the little things,
Waiting for someone to notice or even seek them.
Smiles come from whispered wit,
They shape at memories of smelling flowers,
And beam at the sight of a loved one.
Happiness is a choice.
We are not handed bliss, we are handed experience,
And are then free to do what we will with those experiences.
Sure, some of us are more apt to optimism,
But none of us are hopeless pessimists.
We can fake it until we make it,
We can bring brightness into our own lives.
Never let your tears dilute your smile.
There is nothing wrong with sadness, even Jesus wept-
But misfortune and grief should never be in control.
Too often we dwell on things that will not matter in a year,
Even things that will not matter next week, or tomorrow.
Count your blessings, and if you think you have none,
Note the blessings of those you love, be happy for them,
And then count again.
You see, true joy is a matter of perspective.
If you want to be happy find time to smile.


Beau & Heather said...

Did you write this? If so, I am impressed!

Clint, Jana & Dallas said...

Stacie, if you wrote this you are amazing. Why are you so darn talented?

Ash said...

I have the same question as everyone else!! Did you write this!!!?? You are the happiest person I know and I love you!!!!

Marianne said...

We all want to know - did you write this? It is amazing (just like you).

trish said...

Yep...same question...did you write this???

Stacie said...

Well gosh... you are all much too kind. This was basically stream of thought, so I seriously don't deserve such high compliments, but thank you. I'm glad you all enjoyed reading it!