In my clothing construction class we could make either a blouse or a men's dress shirt, but it had to be plaid. I don't wear plaid. That is why I decided to make a dress shirt for lucky Alan. Well in the class syllabus is says that you can use stripe or plaid material, and I hated all of the plaid that the fabric store carried, so I went with stripe. My teacher wasn't too pleased with the idea, but she couldn't argue it, I had my excuse right there in her self-written syllabus. She told me that she would be grading mine at a more advanced level than everyone else's because it was stripe rather than plaid, which makes cutting out slightly easier. Anyhow, the shirt is complete. The other day Drew (pictured below) was over and I made him try the shirt on because I figured I would give it to Alan and it would never get worn... I wanted to see a human wearing this shirt I had slaved over. Drew was a very good sport, and actually fit perfectly in the shirt.

Poor guy, he stood there for ages while I tried to take a decent picture.

I decided to put a tag in my shirt (anything I can do to compensate for having stripe rather than plaid and possibly improve my grade). If you can't read it, it says "Sincerely, Stacie".

This is the back of the shirt. The yoke (that's the part right below the collar that has the diagonal stripes) is the only part of the shirt where the stripes don't match up, and that's strictly mathematical. Everywhere else the stripes match pretty good, I was pleased.


Hay said...

And THAT is why I love you.

trish said...

Holy Crap...Stacie you never seize to amaze me. Seriously...you are one talented girl! The collar even lines up to the shirt, and I LOVE THE TAG!!!

Beau & Heather said...

Okay, the seem ripped on my duvet cover and I am afraid to fix it because I think I might ruin it...and then there's you. You are incredible!!!

Marianne said...

I love the yoke. What a Pro!

Jenn said...

Your tag is my very favorite! You did such a great job Stace! You are just incredible! And I have yet to finish one tiny stich on my purse....I still use it though, its pinned just the way you left it. When it pokes me I think of you. haha just kidding!