I always have people asking me why I love it up here so much. I can never really explain it because the things I love about Rexburg are the very same things that most everyone else would hate, but here is a list of ten of my favorite things about Rexburg, ID.

I have the greatest roommates in the world. We have so much fun. My social life outside of apt. 107 is really slipping because I've found myself perfectly content to stay at home with my roommates every night!

I love my friends, unfortunately I don't take many pictures... so these are some of my random buddies. These people are the main reason why I love it here so much, with them it doesn't even seem so cold out.

I hate the cold, but I love it. It's beautiful, and the entire city of Rexburg is one giant skating rink this time of year! The cold is painful, I'm not sure what today's weather was like, but yesterday it got down to -9 degrees, which feels a lot colder when it's as windy as it is here. It's freezing and I still love it, that's gotta be saying something about it!

This one is random, but it has an attatched story. Last year Leslie and I had put together this hideous puzzle with some friends, and when we finished it we glued it to cardboard and gave it to them. The puzzle went back and forth all year with new additions (the ribbon curtains, a picture of us glued on it, etc.) The boys ended up with it and actually kept it hanging above their sink for months. I forgot all about the thing until this year when I opened the door to go to school only to find this crazy lamp with the puzzle hanging from it.

There aren't any good sized cities around, and with the weather as cold as it is we find other forms of fun...

I really do love school. I practically live in the Clarke building (the picture below). It is such an awesome experience to be learning to do what I really love doing, and the faculty is incredible.

I am so blessed to have the job that I do here on campus. My sewing skills have dramatically increased since I've been working with Cindy and the other girls. I love being able to input my own ideas on costumes, and come up with ways to make them happen. Just today one of the dance teachers told us that we are more than seamstresses, we're engineers. You wouldn't believe some of the crazy ideas we get going in the shop. I love it.

There is nothing better than coming in from the cold to a steamy cup of hot chocolate!

Call me crazy, but even in weather like this, I can't seem to get enough ice cream. We go out for ice cream all the time, and I simply love it.

The other day I got to go through the temple for the open house. It will be dedicated early February and I can't wait. To top off what I already love so much, I will now get to serve God in his house that is within walking distance from where I live.

Sorry this is such a long post, if you even had the attention span to make it through the whole thing!


THE BISHOPS: said...

Loved it. You're awesome Stacie! Have fun in Hawaii... lucky butt!

trish said...

I loved that list! I can see it in your face that you LOVE IT there. It is perfect for you! We just wish it was a little closer to us so that we could see you more. Have way so much fun in Hawaii...and go back to freezing Idaho with a BEAUTIFUL TAN and make everyone so JEALOUS!!! I love you!

Jenn Skalla said...

Stace I love that! It makes me miss you and you haven't even been gone a whole day! And it makes me want to make my own list. Maybe I'l copy you....hehe Have fun in Hawaii and come back to me soon!! love you

trish said...

Hawaii pics, please???