Today Leslie and I got up really early and made the drive up to Rexburg.
It was a long drive as always, but we stopped for breakfast on the way. That helped.
Before we could get much done we had to go shopping in all of the madness to get some of the essentials. While we were out Leslie decided she wanted to make a desk. Not one from a kit, no we were using 2x4's and screwing it all together by hand with a screwdriver. It's still a work in progress and is very wobbly but will be a nice thing to have when it is done!
Here is what our room looks like. It's really exciting to be settled in (almost). Mine is the bed on the left. And yes Leslie is sleeping on the right. Let's just say it's been a long, hard day.


trish said...

Cute room, cute bedding...good work stac. I am excited you are back and getting back to the college world. Have fun this year. I am excited to see all of the pictures from this year. Love ya!

Clint, Jana & Dallas said...

Boo! You left! But, yay! Youre apartment looks great! We miss you, Stace.

beauandheather said...

Have a fun year!

Nana said...

Your apartment looks great. We miss you here at home! Your bedroom here looks so . . . empty!

Stacie said...

sad! i miss you!